Jason & Thompson


Jason & Thompson
Jason & Thompson
Sat, 25. November 2017, 08:00 PM - 11:15 PM
Upstairs @ the First Street Cafe - Benicia, CA
Folk, Acoustic


Bill Jason and Jim Thompson have been friends since their high school days when they would cut class to go up in the hills and write songs. Some of those songs are still played to this day. Bill and Jim didn’t start playing together professionally until the mid ‘70’s when they traveled the country playing in club bands and ended up in Minnesota where they settled for a number of years. Bill did a short stint with Sam the Sham while Jim, and our friend Chuck Phalen, opened some local shows for Eddie Money. Eventually they returned and settled in California where they formed a local band called Avenue. After Avenue folded, the three friends, Bill, Jim and Chuck, had an acoustic trio for a short time. After Chuck decided to go another direction, Bill and Jim picked back up on the acoustic theme doing more originals and working toward releasing a CD of their songs. In January 2017, the long awaited first CD, “In The Midnight”, was released.

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