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Our Crewmembers are the heart & blood of our operation.  They truly are the First St. Cafe.  Being a member of our team is a special & rewarding privilege.

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Before filling out an application, please read the below advice to our applicants, also included with your application.

You will find our approach to hospitality to be different from that of other operators and we think this is the secret of our success. Our company has several significant goals:

To earn a reputation as the best employer in the area
We hire the most qualified people we can find. We support their development both within and outside the organization. We talk to them, listen to them, learn from them, pay them well and demand a lot from each of them. We enjoy a high retention rate (over 80%). We will have a waiting list of people who want to join the company. We believe that only happy and professional staff can give the level of personal service we demand. We see an investment in people to be a worthy investment in the future of our company.

To run the most successful operations possible
Our operations will be exciting, diverse and profitable. We will consistently deliver on our service guarantee of "a great time every time" and foster high professional standards. We will provide legendary service - the unique and powerful sort of personal care and attention that our guests tell stories about. We will develop loyal repeat guests who we know by name. We will find out what our guests want and be sure they are getting it. We maintain rigid sanitation standards. We take the lead in addressing the nutritional concerns of our guests. We continuously re-examine our operations to stay fresh and responsive to our market while being stimulating to our Crew.

To be a good citizen of the community and the planet
We support worthy local charities with money, resources and volunteers. We maintain a high visibility in local activities. We are environmentally responsible. We recycle, conserve water and utilities and reduce our use of chemicals. Whenever possible, we select supplies and suppliers who are environmentally friendly.

To be a model for open, participatory business
Our industry cannot get where it needs to go doing business the way we've always done it. We will involve our staff in all areas of policy-making. We always move in the direction of less structure, greater professionalism and more fun! We will be judged on our results.

To maintain a personal working relationship with our staff
We are not anti-union. However, regardless of what image it tries to project, a union is a profit-making business that can only get money from its own members. A union must justify its position by creating and maintaining a "them and us" relationship between the company and staff. We do not believe such a polarity exists in our organization and we do not think our staff should pay for any such disruptive force. We believe the way to achieve the kind of business environment we want is to create a trusting relationship with our staff. In this atmosphere, both staff and the company can work out difficulties and make decisions together. In this environment, a union is unnecessary and is likely to be destructive to operational flexibility and personal well-being. We cannot imagine a problem that we cannot effectively resolve among ourselves without the need for a self-serving third party.

To have a good time!
We recognize that people go out to eat because they are looking for a good time, not just a good meal. We will build fun and lightness into our company in the interest of our collective mental health and peace of mind.